Kenneth Johnson

Astrologe und Maya-Kenner, Buch-Autor


1. Maya Prophecies. Neunteiliges Interview über die Chilam-Balam-Bücher und vieles andere

2. Über das Leben mit dem Cholq'ij-Kalender (unten)



Mayan Prophecies - über die Heiligen Bücher der Jaguar-Priester,

Chilam Balam, und die darin gegebenen Prophezeihungen.

Neunteiliges Interview (engl.)


I'm honored and excited to share information on Kenneth Johnson's new book about the Mayan Prophecies. Through a series of short videos, we will not only talk about what's in the book but Kenneth also shares personal details and information that he's gathered while living among the Maya.

Kenneth's information is for both the seasoned Maya enthusiasts as well as those who are new to the information.
I hope you enjoy the topics and sorry for the shaded video, it was pretty hot in Santa Fe!

In Lak'ech

Interview von Kathie von Inspiration Gal,

Teil 1



Teil 2



Teil 3

In this segment we talk about the World Tree, what it meant to the Maya and other cultures as well as a brief introduction to how you can perform the World Tree meditation to help 'ground' you and prepare you.



Teil 4

I hope you enjoy the next part of my interview with Kenneth. In this segment, Kenneth talks about what ‘Star Wars’ meant to them and how they used the stars…



Teil 5

In this very informative segment, Kenneth goes through the cycles and specifically how they relate to the prophecies. Hope you enjoy!


Teil 6

In this segment Kenneth the varied books of the Chilam Balam and how the information was passed down to us. He also speaks of a secret Chilam Balam book still held by the Maya!


Teil 7

I’m so excited to be able to share this segment! Kenneth gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the medicine of the Maya. Kenneth is hoping to be able to write a book on the traditions and rituals of Maya medicine where he will share an exciting glimpse into the healing of the Maya!


Teil 8

"Each cycle develops until its very gifts become difficulties." Please join us as we discuss how this manifests within the various cycles of the Mayan Calendar as well as in our own lives!


Teil 9 (Schluss)

Please join us in this final segment where Kenneth shares the importance and significance of 4 Ahau, the day this cycle will end on December 21, 2012. He shares the importance of understanding the true meaning which is truly an inspiration to us all!




Spannendes Interview mit Kenneth Johnson

über das Leben mit dem Cholq'ij-Mayakalender (engl.)


I am so honored to have had the opportunity to meet and interview Kenneth Johnson of

Kenneth, author of Jaguar Wisdom and Mayan Calendar Astronomy, shares his personal accounts with living among the Maya. Kenneth has had the rare opportunity to spend time in the "ultra-traditional" and remote city of Momostenango where many of the Day Keepers live and where he received his teachings about the Sacred (Tzolkin) Calendar.

Join us as we talk about the life of the Maya through the memories of someone who's shared time with them and who will soon be returning to gain an even deeper understanding!

In Lak'ech!

Interview von Kathie von Inspiration Gal,



homepage von Kenneth Johnson:





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